Do Your Customers Know You Love Them?

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You love your customers, right? I hope so. Your customers express their love for you when they buy from you. Occasionally, they will make a nice comment or give you a positive review on a website you never knew existed. If you are plugged in at all you will ask your customers how much they love you, perhaps using a survey or by asking for referrals.

But the question is do your customers know you love them? Here are some ways to make sure they do.

Give Them a Great Product

This is the no-brainer, right? A lot of small business owners think this is all you have to do to show your customers some love. Create the best product/service going. And yes, this is one way to show love. However, never forget that the product is something that the customer paid for. So it’s kind of expected to be good. In fact, your customers will always hold your product to a high standard, one you might never reach no matter how good you make the product.

So, while you need to go out of your way to make an impressive product, that alone will not show your customers how much you love them. It will make them happy customers, for sure, and is often enough to create some loyalty, but there is more you can do!

Pay Attention

If you really want your customers to sense the love, you need to pay attention to them. Listen for the little things. If your customer mentions that they love dogs, send them a dog calendar (and not a cat calendar) for Christmas. Ask your customers about their kids if they have mentioned them in the past. When it comes to your business relationship, listen to the little frustrations that they have and go out of your way to solve them.

You can learn a lot by listening. One important thing to pick up on is your customer’s preferences. If they have told you they prefer to communicate via email, don’t call them. Show respect by listening to your customers, and let them know you love them by acting on what you learn.

Tell Them You Love Them

Of course, one of the best ways to let someone know you love them is to come right out and tell them. There are so many ways you can do this. When a customer says something nice to you, or is especially pleasant to work with, send them a thank you card and tell them how valued they are at the office.

It is sort of passé to send Christmas cards, but while a card from a company is never as meaningful as a card from a person, it still shows you care. Add a picture of your family or of you and your employees, along with a personal note, if you really want to connect.

Most of all, take time in your interactions to build your customer up and let them know how much they are appreciated. This attitude should permeate all of your dealings with the customer. In other words, in each interaction with each person in your company, your customers should be able to feel the love.

Tell Others You Love Them

Finally, a great way to show a customer you love them is to tell other people. If you have a blog, consider running customer profiles or awarding a customer of the month prize. Give the prize out not to your biggest customer, but to your nicest.

In settings where you interact with your customer and others, perhaps at a trade show, be sure to tell everyone how great your customer is.

The internet provides you countless ways to promote your customers and to share your love for them. Whenever you get a chance, sing the praises of your customers. If prospects see how much you love them, they will want to become a part of the group.

How do you show your customers love?

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  2. The internet presents you countless modes to encourage your clients and to share your love for them. Whenever you get a possibility, vocalist the applauds of your customers. If prospects glimpse how much you love them, they will desire to become a part of the group.

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